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Hello everyone!!!

I was very well impressed with the quality of this Brazilian brush kit, and that is why I decided to talk about it.  The kit is from the brand Pink Gloss,, and it is a great alternative for Sigma brushes, because in my opinion, these are as good as Sigma’s.  The kit contains 13 brushes made of natural and synthetic hairs that come in a beautiful synthetic leather brush bag.

DSC_0231 DSC_0225 DSC_0049

****The only problem that I have with this kit was with the duo-fiber brush.  It sheds like crazy, but since I don’t use that brush frequently, it doesn’t make too much of a difference to me. If it wasn’t for that, the kit would be perfect.

Below is the list of brushes:

FN = face natural (face brush with natural hairs)

FS = face synthetic (face brush with synthetic hairs)

EN = eye natural

ES = eye synthetic

1)   Powder brush (FN01)

2)   Duo-Fiber brush (FNS02)

3)   Kabuki brush (FS03)

4)   Blush brush (FN04)

5)   Foundation brush (FS05)

6)   Concealer brush (FS06)

7)   Blending brush (EN07)

8)   Long blending brush (EN08)

9)   Large shader brush (EN09)

10)   Small shader brush (EN10)

11)   Angled shader brush (EN11)

12)  Pencil brush (EN12)

13)  Angled liner brush (ES13)


Lots of  Love…………Polly

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