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Sephora’s Rolling in the Grass n.10 Eyeshadow Review

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Hello my loves!!

Today I have a short review on this eyeshadow that I really like.  I am a big fan of green eyeshadows and this is such a pretty shade of green grass with green-gold shimmer and a metallic finish that I decided to share that with you.

This shadow is a bit tricky when applied dry.   It doesn’t blend as easily and doesn’t have a great color payoff. HOWEVER, when applied with a wet brush (with water), the color was a lot more intense and it blended more easily and evenly. This shadow has no fallouts.

DSC_1880 DSC_1892 DSC_1874

The swatch below was done WITHOUT a primer.


***** It costs $13.00 at Sephora stores and website.


Lots of Love…………….Polly

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Good Beauty Bargain: Wet n’ Wild’s 902C Bare It All and 903C Just Peachy

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Hello everyone!!!

DSC_2017 DSC_2012

Today I’d like to talk about these Wet’n Wild lipsticks I really like.

902C Bare It All is a soft pinky/ beige nude that is not too light (on my skin tone) and it doesn’t make me look like I’m wearing concealer on my lips.

903C Just Peachy, like the name says is a “true peach” color.

DSC_2016 DSC_2022

They both have a matte finish and are slightly drying, but nothing a lip balm won’t fix. In addition, they don’t feel thick or cakey and go on smoothly on my lips.

They don’t have very long wearing, but it’s ok.  For less than $2 bucks I don’t have a problem reapplying them every now and then.

The only thing I dislike about these is their caps.  The way the lipstick stays in the packaging is with one fourth of it sticking out.  Even when it’s in all the way, the lipstick can scrape against the cap if I’m not careful.


*** It costs $1.99 and you can find it at most drugstores (prices may vary at different drugstores).


Lots of Love……………..Polly

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Urban Decay’s Build Your Own Palette

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Hello everyone!!

Today I have a short review about this super stylish customizable palette by U.D.

DSC_1920 DSC_1926

The palette is made of a nice, sturdy tin material, with a large mirror that is the size of the lid and it fits four shades of your choice.  You can pick your four UD favorite shades, create a travel-friendly collection and swap the colors out whenever you fell like it!

DSC_1922 DSC_1936

**** It costs $10.00 and you can find it at UD’s website, Sephora stores, Ulta stores and online.


Lots of Love……………Polly

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Professional kit – Amazing Pink

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Hello everyone!!!

I was very well impressed with the quality of this Brazilian brush kit, and that is why I decided to talk about it.  The kit is from the brand Pink Gloss,, and it is a great alternative for Sigma brushes, because in my opinion, these are as good as Sigma’s.  The kit contains 13 brushes made of natural and synthetic hairs that come in a beautiful synthetic leather brush bag.

DSC_0231 DSC_0225 DSC_0049

****The only problem that I have with this kit was with the duo-fiber brush.  It sheds like crazy, but since I don’t use that brush frequently, it doesn’t make too much of a difference to me. If it wasn’t for that, the kit would be perfect.

Below is the list of brushes:

FN = face natural (face brush with natural hairs)

FS = face synthetic (face brush with synthetic hairs)

EN = eye natural

ES = eye synthetic

1)   Powder brush (FN01)

2)   Duo-Fiber brush (FNS02)

3)   Kabuki brush (FS03)

4)   Blush brush (FN04)

5)   Foundation brush (FS05)

6)   Concealer brush (FS06)

7)   Blending brush (EN07)

8)   Long blending brush (EN08)

9)   Large shader brush (EN09)

10)   Small shader brush (EN10)

11)   Angled shader brush (EN11)

12)  Pencil brush (EN12)

13)  Angled liner brush (ES13)


Lots of  Love…………Polly

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The Beauty Box Brushes Review

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Hello everyone!!!

Today I am here to tell you about my beautiful brushes by The Beauty Box.  For those who haven’t heard about the brand, it was launched in November of 2012 by Grupo Boticario, a well-known Brazilian cosmetic/ fragrance store and it offers a variety of national and international name brands.  Since the brushes are sold individually and I didn’t know the brand yet,  I decided to buy only the brushes I “really” needed. LOL

Altogether there are 11 brushes, being 10 in turquoise color and silver finish, 1 retractable all in silver and all of them are synthetic.  Below is a list of the ones that I bought:


  • Powder Brush – F2 (R$24.90)
  • Angled Brush Blush – F3 (R$24.90)
  • Duo- Fiber – Loose Powder Foundation or Blush – F4 (R$24.90)


  • Short Shader Brush – Shadow – E1 (R$19.90)
  • Tapered Brush to Blend – Shadow – E2 (R$19.90)
  • Pencil Brush – Shadow – E3 (R$19.90)

The brushes have great quality, and a great finish.  They don’t “shed”, (which I find very important, since it drives me crazy when the hairs are all over my face) and they run for a very good/ fair price. I found very interesting how each brush has it’s name and description (what it’s supposed to be used for) written on the handle, which is useful if you’re starting to make use of brushes and don’t know how to use them. The brushes are not small, but not super long either, they’re like “travel size” and are a great option to carry in your bag to do touch-ups during the day.

Below is a list of the brushes I DIDN’T BUY, just so that you have an idea of the whole collection.

  • Traditional Liquid Foundation Brush – F1 (R$24.90)
  • Concealer Brush – F5 (R$19.90)
  • Kabuki Brush – Powder/ Blush F6 (R$29.90)
  • Medium Angled Brush – Shadow – E4 (R$19.90)
  • Long Shader Brush – shadow – E5 (R$19.90)

*** All the prices are in REAIS, the Brazilian currency. ***


Lots of Love………….Polly

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