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Pink Cashmere (171) & Rose Taffeta (174) Lipsticks by L’Oreal (Colour Caresse by Colour Riche®)

Hello My Loves!!

I LOVE drugstore lipsticks (as you can probably tell by now) and am always buying them here and there… LOL

These two lipsticks come in a pretty, shiny, gold packaging and offer you vibrant sheer colors.  They have a very lightweight, non-cakey formula and glide on smoothly.  Unlike many sheer lipsticks, these last longer than the “normal” time sheer lipsticks last, about 1 – 2 hours.

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Pink Cashmere is a bright pink while the Rose Taffeta is more like a mauve pink and they’re both very hydrating.

I’m not a huge fan of sheer lipsticks and usually prefer the rich, creamy ones.  However, I can always find use for everything and will wear these on a daily basis to work as they are more like a tinted lip balm to me.

****It costs $6.39 at Target. (Prices may vary at different drugstores.)


Lots of Love…………..Polly

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