3 Minute Miracle Deep Hair Conditioner by Aussie

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Hello everyone!!!

Today I’d like to talk about this conditioner, even though most of you are probably tired of hearing about it.  But, because I LOVE IT SO MUCH I decided to share that with you.


This deep conditioner DOES do miracles, like the name says.  It moisturizes, nourishes, and detangles my hair, leaving it shiny and healthy looking.  It doesn’t weight my hair down nor make it ‘greasy’ and it leaves a wonderful smell on it.

I felt a difference on my hair the first time I used it as it made it soft and shiny. However, I had to use it a few more times (3 or 4) before I could see a real improvement on my hair’s appearance and on how smooth, soft and shiny it was.

I use it once a week and leave it on for 3 – 5 minutes and then rinse it off.  I also like to use it when I go to the beach, before and after I go in the water.

Last, but not least, this baby only costs about $3.00 at drugstores! This can’t get any better!!


Have you ever tried this product? If so, how do you like it?

Lots of Love…………….Polly


  1. I love it..it works really good on my daughter’s curly hair. And of course you cannot beat the price

  2. I know, i find this to be a REAL BEAUTY BARGAIN!

  3. I love this, I use it when I go to the beach, it helps detangle all that salt!

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