Question of the week: What’s one color lipstick you can’t wear?

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Hello Loves,

I am a nude lipstick kind of girl (whether it’s pink, coral or a brown shade of nude) and never really liked to venture out of my comfort zone until a couple of years ago. Lately though, I am having a lot of fun trying out all these colors I never thought I could wear (bright red, hot pink, berry and burgundy).  However, one color I still have a bit of a problem wearing is ORANGE colored lipstick.  It may sound like a “weird” color, but I have seen some really nice pictures of women wearing orange lipstick, usually around summer time, with nice tans, pretty flowery dresses and sandals, and they looked so beautiful that it makes me want to try it (but that thought only lasts about two and half minutes and I am back to being reluctant to try it).


How about you? Do you ‘hate’ orange lipstick as well or is there another color you just can’t deal with?


Lots of Love…….Polly


  1. I dont have the courage ….lol

  2. O love orange lipstick . I think the only color I wouldn’t do would be green or blue. Any other color I would be willing to try

    • You’re a BOLD girl!

  3. I don’t like orange and some color pink

  4. Not some color pink or orange

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