Question of the Week: What’s the one “beauty maintenance” you hate having to pay for?

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Hello everyone!!

I am not very talented when it comes to doing my hair or nails and do an ‘ok’ job when I do may hair (whether it’s a blow dry, curls or style it), as well as do a self manicure.  Consequently, I never had a problem paying to have those services as the results are 100% better than when I do it myself… Besides, it’s a nice treat from “me to me” when I decide to pamper myself that way.

However, the one beauty service I hate to pay for is when I have to get my eyebrows done… I don’t know why, but it’s the one thing I wish I didn’t have to pay as much as I do, and wish I could do it myself. But every time I have done it, it has proved to be a failure and left me with eyebrows that were either crooked, too arched, too thin or even with some tiny “holes” in them… LOL.  In other words: A TOTAL FAILURE!  The other problem is that it’s hard to keep “practicing” on myself and ruining my eyebrows all the time.

So I PAY TO GET THEM DONE… what else can I do? ;)


Do you do your own eyebrows or do you pay to get them done?

What’s the service you hate to have to pay for the most?


Lots of Love…… Polly

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  1. Hi Polly!
    I hate spending money on my nails !!! I just feel like its such a splurge. I have so many beautiful polish colors at home.. I don’t know maybe its just me, but i don’t like it !!

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