Question of the Week: Are you a high-end or drugstore makeup girl?

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For years I loved to walk into Sephora (and I still do), browse around and pick up all my beauty “necessities” there.  I always found it very convenient to be able to find everything I needed (beauty related) in one store, without having to make other stops. However, nowadays, I am a lot more open to drugstore brands that offer good quality, low cost makeup, such as L’Oreal, Cover Girl, Maybelline, NYX, among others.  So now I feel like I have a LOT more reasons to go to Target (and browse through their lovely beauty section!)


After trying out tons of drugstore beauty products, I have learned that YES, I can find good quality, affordable makeup there and that I should not “knock it” until I’ve tried it… :)

Lots of Love………………Polly 

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