Question of the Week: Makeup at the beach, yay or nay?

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Good morning, Loves!

Over the years I have seem some women wearing a considerable amount of makeup at the beach, which always made me “nervous” as I was always afraid of it melting always and making my face look messy.

I also know some girls that like to wear some makeup, such as a BB Cream with SPF protection to the beach.


Well, while I do respect people who like to wear makeup to go to the beach, that’s the ONE PLACE you’ll never see me wearing makeup at.  I’ll wear lots of sunscreen, chapstick with SPF as well as a hair treatment of some kind, but never makeup.  Although nowadays it’s much easier to find lots of waterproof makeup products on the market, it’s just not my thing.  When I go to the beach I like to lay down, relax and completely turn myself “off” from everything and the thought of wearing makeup on a hot day would make me concerned about whether or not I looked messy and melting down like a crying clown.

Do you wear makeup when going to the beach?

Lots of Love…………Polly


  1. Only if you go to a party… lol but I agree with you No make up at the beach or the gym

    • That’s true! I didn’t think of a beach party, so maybe at night or something. But if I’m just going to the beach to tan I wouldn’t wear any makeup. Take care, love!

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