Milani’s Nude Eyeshadow Primer

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Hi Loves!

I am happy to announce that I have found a much cheaper alternative to UD’s eye primer.

Milani’s eye primer reminds me a lot of Urban Decay’s eye primer in texture and performance.


The first time I used it, I went to work and to the gym after and twelve hours later, my eyeshadow was still INTACT!!! Yes, believe it or not!

This eye primer does a very good job keeping the eyeshadow from creasing, however, it didn’t blend as well or as smoothly as the one by UD. But for such a good price I think it’s worth to make it an everyday primer and leave the more expensive one for the weekends or special occasions.

This eye primer is a good and affordable alternative to UD’s eye primer and I super recommend it!

**** It cost $6.79 at CVS. (Prices may vary at different drugstores)

Lots of Love…………….Polly

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