Cover Girl Clean Oil Control Foundation Review

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Good morning Loves!

This is the first time I tried a foundation by CG and have many positive points to mention, except for one.


First I’d like to start by saying that I have oily skin and this didn’t make me greasy and it help up for about 7 hours before I needed to do some touch ups.

It lasted all day on me without fading away and it blended easily on my skin as well.

This foundation gives you light to medium coverage, but it’s more towards the lighter side, even though it’s buildable.  I don’t like to build it up because it makes it for a more natural look, which is good for the summer time.

I never really got used to bb creams as I am a “full coverage kind of girl”, so I find this foundation is not as light as a bb cream, but not as heavy as a full coverage. It’s somewhere in between.

The ONLY negative thing I must mention is that I have a VERY HARD TIME getting the foundation out of the bottle and a pump would GREATLY improve my overall experience and fondness of it.

I’m color 510 Classic Ivory.

It cost $5.99 at Target and you can find it at different drugstores. (Prices may vary).

Lots of Love…………Polly



Question of the week: Do you ever leave the house without makeup???

Well, for a couple of years now I have not been able to leave my house with absolutely NO makeup (unless I am going to the beach).

Now, what is your definition of “NO MAKEUP”? Well, to me, it’s when I leave my house wearing just foundation and blush (which is what I CANNOT live without).  In other words, when I’m wearing nothing other than foundation and blush, like it happens often in my morning rush, I feel naked, as if I was not wearing anything at all.

After all, we need to do what we’re comfortable and confident with, whether it’s with or without any makeup.

I’d love to know what you think and whether or not you can leave your house without any makeup.

Lots of Love…………..Polly



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