Morphe Brushes Flat Contour Brush C460

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Hello Loves!

I recently bought this brush and am very excited with it!

I love the effect of contouring, but rarely do it due to my laziness… Since it takes me a few extra minutes to do that, I end up leaving that step out.

However, since I found this brush, I have been contouring my face on a daily basis because it’s that easy to do with it!



This medium size brush has a thick handle that gives me a nice grip and makes it easier to contour your cheekbone and around your nose.

This brush has short, dense, soft, vertical bristles that give me a quick and precise application of the product. After I deposit the bronzer on my face, I just blend it out in two strokes and TA-DAAAA!

In addition, I have washed it a few times and it doesn’t shed!!!!!!

It’s the first time I use a brush that’s NOT round to contour my face and I’m finding it much easier to do so!

I couldn’t find anywhere on their website whether it’s natural or synthetic bristles.

The only thing I found a bit confusing was the fact the brush itself has the number M460 written on it, but the name of the brush is actually C460.

Last, but not least, this baby only cost $13.95, plus shipping. Not bad, huh?! LOVE IT!!!!


You can find it at their store in Burbank, CA and online.

Have you tried any Morphe Brushes brushes yet? Let me know what you think.

Lots of Love………………Polly


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