e.l.f. Disney Collection for Walgreens: Ariel

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Hi looooves!!!

I AM BACK and have a bunch of new products to share with you, starting with this lovely collection by e.l.f.

Have you seen this beautiful and affordable Disney Collection made by e.l.f. for selected Walgreens stores?

I first heard about it through my friend Thayna, from “On the Path to Beauty” blog and I fell in love instantaneously!


The Ariel Collection is sooooooo beautiful, but by the time I found out about it and went to buy myself some things, most of it was already gone. So I bought what I was able to find at my local Walgreens.

  • Ariel Treasure Within Beauty Book Gift Set – Includes: 9 eye shadows/ 1 eyeshadow brush/ 2 bronzers/ 1 mini bronzer brush/ 1 mini lip color. The GORGEOUS packaging is made of hard cardboard and has a mirror as well as the step by step of TWO look ideas inside. The shadows are shimmery, except for one (Seashell) that has a matte finish with some super tiny glitter. The colors are BEAAAAAUUUUTIFUL!!  I used Urban Decay’s eye primer (as always) and the shadows lasted very decently all day (9 hours) without creasing and were easy to blend. In addition, they had good pigmentation (they weren’t the most pigmented shadows I’ve tried, but not the worst. I will say the pigmentation was very good for such a cheap product and some colors had better pigmentation than others . ($9.99)
  • Ardell Ariel Lash Kit – Includes 2 sets of eyelashes/ 1 lash adhesive. ($7.99)
  • Ariel Pencil Case ( I will use it to carry my brushes when I travel J ) ($6.99)

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This limited edition collection is a great option for those who love to buy affordable makeup, that never had the chance (or didn’t feel like spending the money) to buy the Disney Collection by Sephora, or simply love to collect limited edition makeup like me!

There are e.l.f. products that I love and some not so much, I won’t lie to you, but this collection is definitely dear to my heart and I recommend it!

Lots of Love………………………Polly

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  1. Tksss i loVe it!

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