IPSY Bag: July 2014

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Good morning, my LOOOOOOVES!!!

Today I am here to talk about my July’s IPSY bag, even though it’s kind of late in the month and we’re almost in August. I received this bag on July 21st and hated it so much I was not motivated at all to talk about it, but I figured I should do a post on it, even if it’s NOT a very positive one, because life isn’t just about flowers, right? So let’s talk about the thorns as well…  I really disliked this bag…. In fact, it was my worst bag so far since I joined… :(


Starting with the Hang Tang Dark Tanning Oil, which I will NEVER use, simply because I have fair skin and can’t use tanning oils, unless I want to cook in the sun.

The color of the nail polish I received was a horrific dark blue, making the nail polish my second most hated item of this bag.

Now that I got the two items I hated the most out of the way, I can finish talking about this bag…

The Pixie Beauty Tinted Brilliance Balm was OK, very moisturizing, but nothing great and without any color (didn’t find the tint in it).

I was disappointed at how small the Bare Minerals 5-1 Cream Eyeshadow sample was. It was nice, however, it was the SMALLEST sample ever, and even if the sample was twice as big, it would still be very small.

Last, but not least, I am curious to try the facial moisturizer, which in my opinion was the best item of this bag, along with the super cute pink bag itself.

So, as much as I may sound like a hater, I still love my monthly IPSY Bags. Also, I gave away the nail polish and the tanning oil to friends who could make good use out of them, because “somebody’s trash is always somebody else’s treasure”!

Can’t wait to receive August’s bag and I hope it’s a better one!

Have you heard about IPSY Bags? For more information about IPSY Glam Bags click here.

Lots of Love………………Polly

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