Makeup Geek <3 New Foiled Eyeshadows

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Good morning, everyone!!!

Today I have a quick video to show you some of the new foiled eyeshadows by Makeup Geek. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!  Marlena more than exceeded my expectations on the quality of her foiled shadows and I honestly don’t think life will be the same after you try these things! :)

Lots of love………..Polly

PhotoGrid_2014-12-11_19_33_43 PhotoGrid_2014-12-11_19_27_13 PhotoGrid_2014-12-13_23_26_13 PhotoGrid_2014-12-13_23_27_36 PhotoGrid_2014-12-13_23_28_19 PhotoGrid_2014-12-13_23_29_14 PhotoGrid_2014-12-13_23_29_53




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