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Cover Girl Clean Oil Control Foundation Review

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Good morning Loves!

This is the first time I tried a foundation by CG and have many positive points to mention, except for one.


First I’d like to start by saying that I have oily skin and this didn’t make me greasy and it help up for about 7 hours before I needed to do some touch ups.

It lasted all day on me without fading away and it blended easily on my skin as well.

This foundation gives you light to medium coverage, but it’s more towards the lighter side, even though it’s buildable.  I don’t like to build it up because it makes it for a more natural look, which is good for the summer time.

I never really got used to bb creams as I am a “full coverage kind of girl”, so I find this foundation is not as light as a bb cream, but not as heavy as a full coverage. It’s somewhere in between.

The ONLY negative thing I must mention is that I have a VERY HARD TIME getting the foundation out of the bottle and a pump would GREATLY improve my overall experience and fondness of it.

I’m color 510 Classic Ivory.

It cost $5.99 at Target and you can find it at different drugstores. (Prices may vary).

Lots of Love…………Polly



Question of the week: Do you ever leave the house without makeup???

Well, for a couple of years now I have not been able to leave my house with absolutely NO makeup (unless I am going to the beach).

Now, what is your definition of “NO MAKEUP”? Well, to me, it’s when I leave my house wearing just foundation and blush (which is what I CANNOT live without).  In other words, when I’m wearing nothing other than foundation and blush, like it happens often in my morning rush, I feel naked, as if I was not wearing anything at all.

After all, we need to do what we’re comfortable and confident with, whether it’s with or without any makeup.

I’d love to know what you think and whether or not you can leave your house without any makeup.

Lots of Love…………..Polly



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Question of the Week: Makeup at the beach, yay or nay?

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Good morning, Loves!

Over the years I have seem some women wearing a considerable amount of makeup at the beach, which always made me “nervous” as I was always afraid of it melting always and making my face look messy.

I also know some girls that like to wear some makeup, such as a BB Cream with SPF protection to the beach.


Well, while I do respect people who like to wear makeup to go to the beach, that’s the ONE PLACE you’ll never see me wearing makeup at.  I’ll wear lots of sunscreen, chapstick with SPF as well as a hair treatment of some kind, but never makeup.  Although nowadays it’s much easier to find lots of waterproof makeup products on the market, it’s just not my thing.  When I go to the beach I like to lay down, relax and completely turn myself “off” from everything and the thought of wearing makeup on a hot day would make me concerned about whether or not I looked messy and melting down like a crying clown.

Do you wear makeup when going to the beach?

Lots of Love…………Polly

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Question of the Week: Are you a high-end or drugstore makeup girl?

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For years I loved to walk into Sephora (and I still do), browse around and pick up all my beauty “necessities” there.  I always found it very convenient to be able to find everything I needed (beauty related) in one store, without having to make other stops. However, nowadays, I am a lot more open to drugstore brands that offer good quality, low cost makeup, such as L’Oreal, Cover Girl, Maybelline, NYX, among others.  So now I feel like I have a LOT more reasons to go to Target (and browse through their lovely beauty section!)


After trying out tons of drugstore beauty products, I have learned that YES, I can find good quality, affordable makeup there and that I should not “knock it” until I’ve tried it… :)

Lots of Love………………Polly 

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Question of the Week: FAKE LASHES: YAY, NAY or somewhere in between?

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Good morning, Loves!!!

I love the effect of false lashes.  In my opinion, they enhance any makeup by 100% creating a glamorous finish.

So lately I am finding myself wearing falsies more often, and I believe that it’s becoming an addiction because whenever I DON’T put them on, I don’t think the makeup looks as good.  It feels like there’s something missing… LOL.

I do realize that most of us don’t wear false lashes on a daily basis and it’s not different with me. But at parties, events or to go out at night I HAVE to wear it! So I consider myself in the “between category” when it comes to lashes. ;)


How about you? Do you like and/or use false lashes? Or it’s just not your thing?

I’d love to hear from you!!

Lots of Love………..Polly

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Good Morning!!! Question of the Week: Do like to match the colors of your makeup with your clothes?

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How about we start our Friday with the “Question of the Week”? :)

Are you the type of person that like to match your makeup color to your outfit color? For instance, if you wear a green dress, do you wear green eye makeup to match the dress or do you prefer neutral shades to accompany it?


I usually don’t like to match makeup and clothes color, with a couple of exceptions.  In the example above I would’ve NOT worn green eye makeup to match my green dress.  But if that were a RED dress I would probably wear a red lipstick, maybe a red nail polish and a neutral eye makeup to compliment the look.  I believe that if done in moderation, matching colors can be ok.  After all, the most important thing is to feel comfortable with how you look and if that means wearing a bright green eye makeup with that bright green dress of yours, by all means, GO FOR IT AND BE HAPPY!!!

Lots of Love…………….Polly

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Question of the Week: What’s the one “beauty maintenance” you hate having to pay for?

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Hello everyone!!

I am not very talented when it comes to doing my hair or nails and do an ‘ok’ job when I do may hair (whether it’s a blow dry, curls or style it), as well as do a self manicure.  Consequently, I never had a problem paying to have those services as the results are 100% better than when I do it myself… Besides, it’s a nice treat from “me to me” when I decide to pamper myself that way.

However, the one beauty service I hate to pay for is when I have to get my eyebrows done… I don’t know why, but it’s the one thing I wish I didn’t have to pay as much as I do, and wish I could do it myself. But every time I have done it, it has proved to be a failure and left me with eyebrows that were either crooked, too arched, too thin or even with some tiny “holes” in them… LOL.  In other words: A TOTAL FAILURE!  The other problem is that it’s hard to keep “practicing” on myself and ruining my eyebrows all the time.

So I PAY TO GET THEM DONE… what else can I do? ;)


Do you do your own eyebrows or do you pay to get them done?

What’s the service you hate to have to pay for the most?


Lots of Love…… Polly

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