MAC “Objects of Affection”Holiday Collection 2014

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Hi loves!!!!

I finally purchased my first MAC pigments and I’m in love with them!

DSC_4486 DSC_4491 DSC_4492


Objects of Affection/ Silver + Blue Pigments + Glitter



Pink + Rose Pigments + Glitter


Gold + Beige Pigments + Glitter



I tried to be as fast as I could so the video wouldn’t be too long… :)

I hope you enjoy it!

Lots of Love…………Polly

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IPSY Bag – October 2014

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Hellooooooooooooo all!

Today I have a short review of my October IPSY bag.

This was a pretty good bag and I don’t have many negative things to say about it, except for 1) I don’t really care much for lip glosses and 2) although I love receiving facial cleansing tissues, these made my face burn a little, so I will have to find a different use for them (maybe I’ll use them to clean my arm when I do swatches).

As for the rest of the products, I really liked the hand cream, the face hydrating gel and the mascara!




Products I received:

  • NYC Big Bold Curl Mascara
  • H2O Hydrating Treatment Gel
  • Figs & Rouge Hand Cream with Shea Butter in Mango/ Mandarin
  • Starlooks lip gloss
  • Skyn Iceland Glacial Cleansing Cloths

Did you like your October IPSY bag? I’d love to hear from you!

Lots of Love……………………Polly

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Lorac’s Alter Ego Lipstick ‘Goddess’ Review

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Hi loves!

Today I have a quick review on this lipstick I am really enjoying. Goddess is a mauve shade with purple undertones that has the perfect formula combination: it’s MATTE + CREAMY !

DSC_4369 PhotoGrid_2014-10-27_20_47_10

Goddess is highly-pigmented, long wearing (it lasts at least 4 hours without touch-up)and it doesn’t stain (you can eat and drink and it will stay in place). In addition, its ultra-rich, velvety-smooth formula is loaded with anti-aging antioxidants such as acai berry, pomegranate, grape seed extract, and vitamins C and E, which is always a PLUS! :)

The packaging is sleek and pretty, and the tubes close well. The best of it all: I purchased mine at Kohl’s! (I love Kohl’s even more so now… :) )

This is the first Lorac lipstick I ever tried and must say I am very impressed with it!

It cost $16.00 and you can also find it at Sephora’s website and stores, Lorac’s website,, etc.

Lots of Love…………….Polly

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b.m.c. Brush Dryer from Bundle Monster

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Hi loves!

I’m here today to share with you my LOVE/ HATE relationship with this particular brush dryer.

This was the second time I purchased something from Bundle Monster, and was very happy with my first experience there. But this time around it didn’t work out as well.

PhotoGrid_2014-10-07_20_37_30 PhotoGrid_2014-10-07_20_38_44

I love what the dryer does for my brushes and believe it really will make them last longer since the brushes are facing down and therefore, the water can’t possibly go up the ferrule and ruin the wood or the glue that holds the bristles together. HOWEVER, the site advertised a pretty black rack, which was NOT what I received. The rack they sent me was NOT black, but made of a cardboard like material and seemed unfinished, which was VERY DISAPPOINTING. In addition, the rack was fragile and not sturdy at all…

One of the reasons why I bought the b.m.c. rack was because it was much cheaper ($15.99)than the original one made by Benjabelle ($39.95), but BOY, WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT!!! Now I might just buy the original one to see if it’s that much better than the cheaper one…. I am kind of curious now and do wash enough brushes weekly that an extra brush rack wouldn’t hurt…

The rack serves its purpose, which is why I’m not going to bother returning it, however, it’s not what they advertise on their website and I was very disappointed with it.

Lots of love………………………..Polly


Secador de Pincéis da b.m.c. Comprado no Site da Bundle Monster


Olá amores!

Hoje vim dividir com vocês minha relação de AMOR e óDIO com esse secador de pincéis.

Essa foi a segunda vez que comprei algo desse site sendo que, da primeira vez, fiquei muito satisfeita com minhas compras. Porém, não foi o que aconteceu dessa vez…

Adorei o secador pelo fato dele prolongar a vida dos meus pincéis, já que os pincéis ficam pendurados de cabeça para baixo, prevenindo a água de entrar na parte de ferro, madeira ou na cola que segura as cerdas juntas. PORéM, o site mostrava um lindo secador preto e NãO foi o que recebi. O secador que recebi é feito de um material tipo papelão, mas mais resistente e parecia estar sem acabamento nenhum, o que foi muuuuito decepcionante. Além disso, o secador é frágil e balança muito…

Uma das razões pela qual decidi comprar o secador da b.m.c. foi porque era bem mais barato ($15.99) do que o original da Benjabelle ($39.95), mas se arrependimento matasse…. aff… Agora estou com vontade de comprar o da Benjabelle só pra ver a diferença entre os dois e se a qualidade dele vai corresponder ao seu preço (alto). Afinal, lavo um grande número de pincéis semanalmente o que  justificaria ter dois secadores… rsrsrs

Resumindo, o secador funciona como é pra funcionar e por isso não vou perder tempo indo até o correio pra devolvê-lo, mas quero deixar bem claro o quão decepcionada fiquei com essa compra que fiz no site da Bundle Monster e que já deixei uma resenha negativa sobre o produto no website. :(

Com amor………………….Polly

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Love & Beauty by Forever 21 Makeup Cleansing Tissues

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Hi everyone!!


The other day I stopped by Forever 21 at my local mall to grab a couple of things and while standing in line to pay for my items, I decided to grab three different packs of the makeup cleansing tissues they were selling. I was very skeptical to try them (since they were being sold at Forever 21, versus a regular drugstore), but for $2.80 per pack, I could definitely afford the pre-announced failure I thought they would be.

However, to my surprise, they’ve been working really well on my sensitive skin for the four weeks I’ve been using them.


The tissues have a nice scent that is not too strong and doesn’t really bother me. They’re not super wet, like some other cheap ones I’ve tried, but damp enough to remove all my makeup (except for the mascara, which I rather remove with an eye makeup remover) without me having to put too much pressure on my skin. Also, it didn’t make my oily and sensitive skin break out or itchy.

In other words, this is a REAL GOOD DEAL!!!

*********A pack with 30 tissues cost $2.80 at Forever 21 stores and website.


Lots of Love…………Polly



Lencinhos Demaquilantes da Forever 21


Olá pessoal!!!


No outro dia fui na Forever 21 comprar umas “roupitchas” e enquanto esperava na fila pra pagar, resolvi pegar três pacotes diferentes de lencinhos umidecidos pra remover maquiagem que estavam sendo vendidos lá. Sinceramente, não estava levando muita fé nos lencinhos da loja, já que a Forever 21 não é uma loja específica de produtos de beleza.  Mas por $2.80 cada pacote, resolvi experimentá-los, afinal, se eles fossem horrorosos, eu só estaria jogando no lixo $8.40, o que não é tão ruim assim.

Porém, para minha surpresa, os lencinhos funcionaram super bem na minha pele sensível e oleosa nessas 4 semanas em que venho os usando. Consigo remover toda a minha maquiagem com um único lencinho, além de não ter me dado nenhuma alergia.

Os lencinhos têm um cheirinho suave e agradável, não são muuuito ‘molhados’, como alguns de marcas mais baratas que já testei, mas são úmidos o suficiente.

Ou seja, acredito ter feito uma óTIMA COMPRA!!!

Cada pacote contém 30 lencinhos e custa $2.80.

Com amor………………….Polly

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b.m.c. Face Kabuki Brushes

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Hi looooooooves!

The other day I came across the website, where I bought these brushes from.

The brushes have thick handles, which I prefer, because it gives me a better grip and are made of wood. The synthetic bristles are soft, but dense, perfect for foundation and concealer application. In addition, they can be used to apply cream products as well (cream blush, for instance). The last important piece of information I must give you is that they DO NOT shed! YAY!

DSC_3948 DSC_0002 DSC_3952

The kit came in a pouch with four brushes:

K01 – Flat Kabuki

K02 – Round Kabuki

K03 – Tapered Kabuki

K04 – Angled Kabuki

The brushes are good, were delivered within 5 business days (which is good timing) and are great for makeup artists that need to have a few extra brushes in their collection (they are so affordable).

The only thing is that the mirror that comes inside the brush pouch was broken, but it’s ok, I’m pretty sure I’ll survive… :)

The kit cost $23.50.

Lots of Love………………..Polly



Oi amoooooores!

No outro dia descobri o website, onde comprei esse kit de pincéis.

Eles são de madeira e têm o cabo grosso, o que é ótimo para dar mais firmeza na hora de segurá-los. As cerdas sintéticas são macias, porém densas, perfeitas para a aplicação de base ou corretivo.  Além disso, podem ser usados na aplicação de outros produtos cremosos (como blush cremoso, por exemplo).

A última informação importante que devo dividir com vocês é que eles NãO SOLTAM CERDAS!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

O kit veio em um estojo com quatro pincéis:

K01 – Kabuki topo reto

K02 – Kabuki redondo

K03 – Kabuki cônico

K04 – Kabuki chanfrado

Os pincéis são bons, foram entregues em 5 dias úteis (o que não é ruim) e são uma ótima opção para quem trabalha com isso e precisa de alguns pincéis a mais.

O único problema é que o espelhinho de dentro do estojo veio quebrado, mas tudo bem, acho que sobreviverei….. :)

O kit custa $23.50.

Com amor…………….Polly


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