Polly’s Bio

Hello!!! My name is Poliana, but everyone calls me Polly, nice to meet you! 

I am originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but moved to the United States over fifteen years ago and, as much as I love Brazil, today this is what I call home sweet home.

I created this blog because I feel great when I put on makeup, and that is something that comes from within, even though it may seem otherwise.  

I believe that everyone has the potential to learn how to put on makeup, it is just a matter of practicing, like every thing else in life. And since my makeup addiction is getting bigger and bigger I needed to share that with someone.
I am a banker, have a degree in Political Science, and recently became a mom! And even though I’ve always liked makeup, the addiction didn’t start until after I experienced motherhood. The funny thing is that I am a LOT busier than before, however, I always find time to do my makeup in the morning because it makes feel good about myself and therefore, pretty. 

But since makeup is not ALL there is in life, I also enjoy reading, dancing, traveling and listening to music always, always, always.

Welcome and I hope you enjoy it!!

Lots of Love…………… Polly

I'd love to hear your thoughts!